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Monday, 10 March 2014

Sfi PU demands for 25% reservation in Pondicherry University...!

Demands made by SFI Unit Committee, Pondicherry University to the University Administration:
  1. 25% of the seats need to be reserved for the students from Pondicherry.

  2. The suspension of the two victims of sexual harassment needs to be revoked. 
  3. Health Center should be run by Government appointed doctors 24/7. Currently the JIPMER wing is run only till 5. 
  4. Mess food quality is not increased in spite of the increased mess fees. Therefore the mess needs to be run by students.
  5. Library should be run 24/7. Currently it is run only till 8 PM
  6. Moral policing needs to be stopped inside the campus.
  7. Internal harassment by the faculty needs to be stopped.
  8. The bad condition of the roads inside campus should be repaired.
  9. The university has started collecting 'Advanced Laboratory Fees' despite the already existing 'Laboratory Fees.' That needs to be stopped.
  10. All the scholarships and stipends entitled to the students need to be given on time.
  11. The transportation services inside the campus needs to be handled by government agencies and not by private agencies.
  12. The Wi-Fi facility provided inside the university has not increased despite the doubled number of students. This needs to be taken into consideration. 
                                                                                              ( Akhil VIjayan )
                                                                            SFI Unit Secretary, Pondicherry University

Students Federation of India already arises the above mentioned demands. Sfi PU Unit continuously made a protest against the University administration that PU is the place for study, but not the multiplex complex. Sfi Puducherry Pradesh Committee also remind a quote to the Pondicherry University Vice - Chancellor that Education, Employment is not a Subsidy...It's our Birth Right". 
                                                                                 State Secretary,
                                                                          Puducherry Pradesh Committee.

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