The students of Tagore Arts College went on strike by boycotting their classes demanding basic amenities in the college.
According to one of the students, no new courses have been introduced in the college for a decade.
With competition from various private colleges, the students were at a disadvantage as their college was not on a par with the private institutions.
The other main complaint was that there was only one student bus for the college and it left at 3.30 pm, whereas the college closed at 4.30 pm which meant that either the students missed the last hour or they missed the college bus, the students said seeking an increase in the number of buses or change in the timings of the college bus.
The students also demanded that they be provided a canteen, since most of them were forced to travel half a kilometre for food.
Also, they wanted clean toilets and drinking water facilities.
The students submitted a memorandum to the college principal.

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Tagore Arts College suffers shortage of faculty, infrastructure
Despite being one of the oldest educational institutions in the Union Territory, Tagore Arts College (TAC) appears to have fallen from its glory days. For nearly two years, a total of 39 out of 139 faculty positions have been lying vacant.

This and lack of other vital infrastructure pushed students of the college to stage a one-day token strike on Tuesday.

The students demanded setting up of drinking water facilities, public toilets, appointment of a sports trainer and introduction of new college buses. The students complained that there was no drinking water and water supply to toilets was also intermittent. They claimed the college bus service had been stopped and the vehicles were still being repaired. The protesters added that some of the classrooms were in a dilapidated state.
Dr E M Rajan, principal of the college, told Express that it would take time to fill up teaching vacancies as this had to be done through the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). As a result of the inadequacy of faculty members, some of the classes were cancelled, he added. The principal said he had brought the issue to the notice of Secretary (Education) Ragesh Chandra and the director of higher education. 

Acknowledging that there were issues related to water supply, Rajan said the supply for drinking purposes and toilet facilities was affected as the motor was being repaired for the last few days.

Pointing out that government procedure was very cumbersome, Rajan said he has written to the authorities to rectify it at the earliest. The procedural delays may make it longer to repair the motor before the supply was restored, he added.

Rajan said when the water supply to the main block was affected a few days ago, he had to churn out money from his pocket to restore it. Incidentally, Rajan is an alumnus of the college.

The principal said that two legislators - Vaithianathan and P M L Kalyanasundaram - would be visiting the college on Wednesday to make an assessment of the lack of basic facilities. He had requested both the MLAs to release money from their MLA fund for maintenance.

Established in 1961, Tagore Arts College now has 1675 students, one third of which are girls. It has 16 departments, which conduct 17 under-graduate courses.

The college was affiliated to the Pondicherry University from the academic year 1986-87 and from 1989-90 it is functioning as an under-graduate institution only.
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இந்திய மாணவர்கள் சங்கம் சார்பில் தாகூர் கலைக் கல்லூரியில் அடிப்படை வசதிகளை நிறைவேற்றக் கோரி போராட்டம் நடைபெற்றது. 

கல்லூரிக்கு போதிய பஸ் வசதி செய்துதர வேண்டும். காலியாக உள்ள 39 விரிவுரையாளர்கள் பணியிடங்களை விரைந்து பூர்த்தி செய்ய கோரியும்,  குடிநீர், கழிப்பிட வசதிகளை மேம்படுத்த வேண்டும் உள்ளிட்ட கோரிக்கைகள் இதில் வலியுறுத்தப்பட்டன.