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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Red salute to Comrade Hugo Chavez..!


Long live the Bolivarian Revolution, Long live anti-imperialist struggle!
Central Executive Committee of the Students Federation of India dips its banner on demise of the Comrade Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela and the biggest symbol of socialism and anti-imperialist struggle in our epoch. Chavez had been battling cancer since last 2 years and was on the path of recovery after his latest operation, but the respiratory infection that he had developed proved to be fatal in the end. Although the Venezuelan government had already announced the deterioration of his health, this news comes as a shock to the millions of Venezuelans, as well numerous others for whom his name symbolized life, future and the march towards socialism.
Thousands have started gathering in the Bolivar square in Caracas, marching towards the Miraflores presidential palace shouting slogans of defiance, “ The people united shall never be defeated”, “They shall not be back” and “The struggle continues”.

With the death of Chavez, imperialism is trying to create illusions that the Venezuelan revolution itself has ended. In fact attempts are already being made to sabotage the Bolivarian project by the Venezuelan oligarchs and the US imperialism. We are confident that the Venezuelan people will carry forward the struggle of their leader and defeat all such attempts.

Comrade Chavez epitomized the ongoing project against neo-liberalism in Latin America which has resulted in the assertion of national sovereignty against the imperialist aggression; snatching away the control over the vital natural resources from the corporates to the hands of the people; and health facilities, education, poverty eradication and employment opportunities as seen never before.
SFI resolves to stand in solidarity with the struggle of the Venezuelan people against the imperialist aggression as well as carrying out the task of resistance against neo-liberalism in our own country. This can be the only worthwhile tribute to comrade Chavez.

Sd/ Sd/.
V Sivadasan                                                                                                           Ritabrata Banerjee
President                                                                                                                General Secretary


Students’ Federation of India
Central Executive Committee
4, Ashoka Road, New Delhi 1100 01

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