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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Traditional Culture of Congress as Follows- Rahul's yatra in U.P


RahulGandhi the General Secretary of Congress started his yatra in Uttar-Pradesh against the Land Acquisition Bill.

Before this issue we have to raise some Questions:

1.In India from 1990 to 2010 there are more than 1,90,000 farmers had committed suicide due to Bank Loan.

2.Many countries had banned the Urea(Endosulfan is acutely neurotoxic to both insects and mammals, including humans) Endo-Sulphan. Only In Kerela  Ex.C.M.V.S.Achudaanandan made a Hunger-Strike to Ban the Endo-Sulphan.

3.The Government of Orrisa Acquisite the land for the " BOSCO" a SouthKorean Company. Continues Struggle are made by the people, farmers and childrens against this land acquisition.

But Our Question Is?

1.What are the measures taken by the UPA Government to protect farmer from suicide due to Bank Loan?

2.Why Mr.Rahul Gandhi who participates in  UPA Government have not taken any step to Ban the Endo-Sulphan  in India?

3.Why  Rahul Gandhi had not yet run into a farmer's struggle against the land acquisite in Orissa?

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